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Felt pretty sick today when I started working out, mainly doing the power cleans..

Hang Clean+ FS +Split Jerk: 40kg x 4 x 3

RDL: 135 x 10, 155 x 10, 185 x 10

Close Grip Bench: 135 x 3 x 10

Bent Over BB Rows: 50kg x 4 x 8

Pullups: 15, 11, 7

GHR: 10, 10, 8

The first excercise I just felt kind of sick and it was probably from the milk I drank earlier as I drank a lot of it. Wasn't too bad though, the close grip felt better today and the GHR was great. I adjusted the table and was able to make full extension on it with no issues and really felt it.

Anyways, weight is steady at about 151lbs. Not sure about BF% probably around 11 or 12% now especially after all the junk food from the past couple of weeks. I guess it would be a good time to start cutting some of that out and leaning up. I really want to move up to at least 160 but since it's pretty much a no no right now I should just focus on lifting and dieting and overtime slowly work up the weight. Might be better that way actually, I dont know. Too much to think about and I'd rather keep it to simplicity.
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