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Man my dL were strong today up 20 lb. at the top of my 5x5 to 275 and it was easier than 255 was 3 weeks ago.

At my job (globo gym) my boss really wanted me to start teaching a group exercise class heh... heh... anyways it aint as bad as I was afraid (cute women and good money).... The point is I ended up getting a seriouse work out and wasn't planning on it I need to build the confidence to not do the work out with them next week I am going to try.

The reason I am saying all this is my plan is to just eat more food and drink 16 oz. of milk I need to finish... I am planning on eating less than I have and barely any carbs as posted above but I need to recover from a day of the most weight I have ever pulled as well as benched then my regular trunk work and an accidental dose of HIIT and lamo core stuff. I figure The extra food should do it.
Any body have any similar experience will just adding an extra meal with like 30+g protein and a little carbs from the milk probrably cover the extra work.
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