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Originally Posted by Justin Algera View Post
Did my first set of these last week and it felt like death. Actually had a hard time sleeping because I couldnt get in a comfortable position in bed, lol... I started at 80% (1 rep max is 300lbs.) and will probably go up 2% this week. Luckily I started at Lost Battalion as well last week so I'm not lifting heavy at all there and strictly working on light weight, fixing some form issues and basically starting from scratch so recovery shouldnt be an issue.
Originally Posted by Allen Yeh View Post
Ditto that.
Mon was my first day. I am going to stick to the Rx. I thought about starting higher but as is, I'm going to end up @ 355-360 for 10 x 3. Starting higher would have put me up to where I'm not sure I could complete the sets.
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