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Anton Emery
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Well still making progress. Squat is at 255, bench 185, press 125, deadlift 265. All for 3 x 5. Surprisingly i have just been able to keep adding weight to the bar. I may have to start micro-loading the press soon. I managed to get them all at 125 last time, but had to drop the last rep from overhead due to fatigue.

I've definitely gained some weight, ten pounds at least. I can see more muscle in my shoulders, back, and chest, and legs. Some more fat around the middle too, which my wife kids me about. But if i can keep adding weight to the bar its fine for now. I can get rid of the fat later.

I have been trying to work milk back into my diet, as its an easy source of protein and calories, but my digestive system cant seem to handle it anymore. It sends me to the bathroom more times than i would like. And i am just trying for maybe half a gallon a day. We'll see, if its still giving me problems after this gallon is empty i might just stop the milk.

So far i have really been enjoying this. Don't know why i didnt do it sooner. Certain things have become a little more difficult, like riding my bike home from work uphill. But i tell myself its just temporary.

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