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My experience has always been it's the school more than the style. How you get on with your fellow practitioners and the teacher matters more than the style.

It sounds like this school runs both BJJ and MT classes, so you may as well try both. You'll be more well-rounded if you do both, and it's well worth trying both classes.

I have to say though, I don't really think of MT as being meditative or spiritual...wherever I've been that it was taught, it was always guys with gloves on kicking the hell out of each other. Even my kendo class was more meditative, and that basically involved kids in armor whacking each other with sticks.

Good luck with this! I'm always happy to see people try out martial arts. I was that skinny, picked-last, picked-on kid until I started doing martial arts...I finally found something physical I was good at. Or, not excruciatingly bad at. So they occupy a special place in my heart.
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