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Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
1. Yes. To simulate rope climbing you can stagger the towel ends that you hold onto if you want.

2. Shrug. Not sure about that but if you wanted to add 1x5 a la SS one day a week I'm sure it would be fine. Just do it the day before you have a rest break or two after your workout is over.

3. As long as it's not going to interfere too much with your recovery.. which it shouldn't. You should be fine.
Thanks Steven,

I will be putting 1 x 5 deadlifts on the friday of the hypertrophy microcycle, would that be OK after the high pulls do you think?

As for breathing ladders, I think volume over weight might be the way to go? As I have done a power clean ladder before with (what was at the time) erring on the moderate to heavy weight, if I repeated that it would definitely impede my recovery. Was more thinking dumbell thrusters/1 arm snatch/weighted step ups with light to moderate weight and avoid taking it to full on panic breathing?

On a side note I plan to stock up on the feeds this weekend in prepiration, freezer full of cow and ice bags, as much coconut milk as me-ladies mini will carry........and as for eggs, I may need to invest in some chickens!
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