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Default Left forearm flaring up again.

So my left forearm/elbow area has flared up again thanks to no small part that I'm an idiot and went too fast after thinking it was all better.

Right now my game plan is to take a break from the Olympic movements and all the exercises I had listed before on the "hurt my arm" list. I'll reevaluate when I get back from FL after the 7th and see where to go from there. I'd like to keep doing the back and front squats 10 x 3 which have been fun. then adding accessory leg movements afterwards on those days.

A semi template:
Day 1: back squat 10x3, other leg movements + 10 minutes low intensity cardio
Day 2: Metcon ~15 minutes total
Day 3: upper body day 1 from Phase 1: foundation (Cressey's Maximum Strength book) + 10 minutes low intensity cardio
Day 4: front squat 10 x 3, other leg movements + upper body stuff + 10 minutes low intensity stuff
Day 5: Metcon?
Day 6: metcon + 20 minutes low intensity cardio
Day 7: rest

lower body
upper body
full body - threw upper stuff on the front squat day as they don't kill me(right away) as much as the back squats. Eric Cressey wants 4 days in the gym but since I work from home 1-2 days a week out of 5, I know I won't be able to be faithful to that.
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