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Originally Posted by Derek Simonds View Post
Is the other leg stuff PC? RDL's, DL's Weighted B/E's, Single Leg DL's w/ KB's GM's. Maybe 1 PC movement in the other leg stuff.

I like the template a lot. So you like EC's stuff in maximum strength.
His stuff is geared towards powerlifting so I'm going to alter things a bit by doing the high bar back squats and front squats. The leg stuff for this phase and the stuff I'm going to sub is next to it, for most exercises I'm going to follow his week by week rep recommendations.

1st lower body day
box squat - 10 x 3 back squats
speed deadlift - clean or snatch pulls
walking db lunge - either RDL's, or 1-leg RDL
core superset of reverse crunch and plank

2nd lower body day
front squat - same just different rep scheme
rack pull from kneecaps - skipping this if it's a full body day, otherwise as RX'ed
DB Bulgarian split squat - as RX'ed
pull through - as RX'ed
core stuff

I'll post what I did later for the upper body day when I get around to putting my log up. Benching powerlifting style is really strange.

I was really shocked to see the book at the library! I bet I'm probably the only person to have checked it out too! I'd recommend it, I've always liked his stuff I like the 2 warmup options he gives and the way the 16 weeks are arranged. I just want to change it a bit towards Oly stuff. As my arm gets better again I'll be throwing in more classic lifts and accessory work.
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