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Daniel Labuz
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October 25, 2008 –Full Mind and Body Endurance


(1) Carry 80# Sandbag Up and Down Stairs (13 steps) 50 times (25 on Back, 25 In Front (bear hug, rack, whatever as long as it's in front of you)).
(2) Score (How many times sandbag touched the ground, lowest is best obviously): 1 (Front, 12th lap)

Cooldown: Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.

First time ever doing this workout, I was in a daze for a few minutes afterwards. This will be the last time that I will be using chocolate milk as a PWO recovery. I want to get off dairy completely and this is the last dairy product I consume. All of my protein shakes are egg protein, so from November 3rd on I will be almost completely paleo!

I'll be going on vacation (guess where!) tomorrow at 4:30am and I won't be back until November 2nd, so farewell.

I'll be bringing my rings with me to see if I can get some use out of them, otherwise it's running and push-ups
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