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Originally Posted by Daniel Labuz View Post
Thanks for the information, appreciate it.

Also, is it harder to get started in either of these? I have no prior experience in any grappling or striking sports, so would this be a factor in which one to choose? I'm sure I'll start out an extreme novice either way.
don't worry about starting as a novice. everybody has to. you may find that your learning curve is a lot better than other people's.

if you want to excel faster and not be a novice for as long, follow some of these steps:

1. don't be stubborn, recognize when somebody's gotten the better of you and accept it
2. try to recognize patterns of when you are getting beaten - this could be a specific position or a certain movement
3. when somebody dominates you somewhere, ask them what they were doing afterwards - normally they know exactly what they did, and they also know how to stop it. if they don't tell you what they did, they either genuinely don't know, or they dont' want to tell you. if the latter is the case, then that guy sucks. if the whole school is like that, FIND ANOTHER SCHOOL. your school should be your team. you're not there to compete with them
4. try not to muscle moves - when you can roll and not get tired, you're probably using proper technique.
5. get a lot of different people to show you how to do a move - most the time, the instructor knows best, but sometimes random people can explain it in a way that makes sense to you
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