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Thanks Derek! I appreciate the complement -- I try my best to do my HW before I implement it into my routines and it has paid off so far!

10/23/2008: Rest day

10/24/2008: Was supposed to be a work day. I was screwed up though because I had only 3 hours sleep the night before. I decided, instead, to play it safe and take the day off.

10/25/2008: 17 Hour Fast.

I fucked up my training. Was a work day but I am not used to how I currently do things, I guess. I was supposed to do OH Press work today but did Dips instead because I confused T and F workout schedules. Oh well, I planned on changing this up next week any way to work my squats back in the mix.

C2 Rower - 2:36; 663 m; 44 cal
Burg x1

Muscle Ups
DH Muscle Up Attempt - Success!!! However, It was sloppy as balls, which is normal. Negatives will likely clean it up if I continue them for a bit more.

2x4 MU Negatives - Most reps were good but I have broken skin from my last MU Negs workout. Caused a lot of pain that hindered performance so some negs were fast...

DH Muscle Up Concentrics - 2 more Successful, No Kip, but sloppy reps.

P. Snatch
131x2x3 - Tried to do this for 5 sets but decided to back off after 2 sets..

I had to back off. My form on 131 was just not where it should be and doing heavy weights with bad technique is just bad. Next time I will focus on much higher volume with lower weight to get the technique down. I still jump forward sometimes, and I sometimes don't get the weight all the way over my head. I need to extend fully better...and change direction better while keeping the bar close. It will come, I'm sure...if i work at it

Dips (Should have been presses but I totally forgot...)
3xF-1 (Shoot for 15)

1 - 13 + F (big mistake..)
2 - 9
3 - 6

Likely, I needed more time to recover from my last dips session AND I forgot that I was supposed to do presses today, like I said above. Oh well...

3 Rounds:
94 foot sprints x2 (One end of a BBall Court to the other and back)
8 Pullups
10 1.5 Pood KB Swings

~5:26 - Was timing based off a clock not a stopwatch so the time is a bit iffy...but it was fairly quick and intense.

10/26/2008: Rest Day. No fast
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