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So no Carb ups for a week and I have lost 5-6 lbs. I figure this is mostly water and glycogen. However I have also lost ~1.5 lbs. of fat by my measurments with a BF% calobrator and Medical style scale. I am 176.5 and 12.5%BF my strength gains have continued all week and I wont carb up again till next sat. I have also been IFing and eating less. 18hr. IF at the end of rest day till just before training.

Still eating around 1g/#LBM on avg. and keeping animal fats high. I am glad at the fat loss I also am glad at the continued strength gains I am hopeing I don't hit any plateaus do to CNS fatigue before I start eating big again. Then I will probably train for two more weeks eating big before takeing a week off training total of 7 weeks training.
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