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Michell Kaarne
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Thursday 23 October
Lunch superset:
a. Advanced Tuck Front Lever 6x10s
b. Tuck Planche negatives to bent arm straddleplanche 5x3

C&J workout at the club:
Hang power clean
Hang C&J
Hang from below knees C&J
C&J …worked up to a double at 60kg
Clean shrugs

Back Squat (not super deep) 5x50kg 5x60kg 5x5x70kg 3x50kg

50 sit-ups
6x30kg DB side-bends (per side)
8x5kg back extensions

Sunday 26 October
At home:
ME Advanced Tuck Planche 11s
Started with my hips a lot higher then last time I checked my max hold, but they dropped fast and it was really hard to stay off the ground after that.

ME Advanced Tuck Front Lever 21s

ME Tuck Planche 10s
Waited 5 minutes between each hold but the previous two zapped me good L I think I’ll go back to working on the Tuck Planche until I can hold it for 45-60 seconds before working on the advanced version again.

Snatch workout at the club:
3x3 of each with an empty bar
Overhead squats
Drop from standing with bar on shoulders to overhead squat
Hang snatch

Snatch did a couple of triples at 30kg then 35kg then doubles at 40kg. It was going so good I was sure they would let me go for 50kg but for some reason I just managed to do good on every other lift at 40 so I wasn’t allowed to go higher. It did feel very light though.

Front Squat sets of 3 reps
3x50kg 3x60kg 3x65kg 3x70kg 2x75kg(failed 3rd rep)
3x65kg 3x65kg 3x65kg

Finished with 2 rounds of:
7 pull-ups
33 sit-ups
12 dips
11 back extensions

At home:
7 pull-ups
6 ring dips
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