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Originally Posted by Steve Shafley View Post
My most recent Vblog:

Workout associated with it was:

Safety bar squat triple drops:

425/385/335x ~1/2/3 for 3 total sets (you see my self spot on the heavy set because, uh, it was heavy)

Rest/Pause singles 20 secs rest: 435x1/1/1 assisted/1 assisted/1 assisted

kb swing split snatches: small 8kg kb for 4 sets of 5R+5L

That last bit put the nail in the coffin.
Safety bar looks cool, new toy? I was just thinking about depth and then you had that little comment pop-up about it!

ON KB split snatches are you suppose to lunge forward that much? It seems like you're almost jumping forward into the lunge position, rather than settling into the lunge position from where you are.
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