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My friend Matt and I will be posting our food logs here to keep each other in check while we are not living in the same town. I hope that between wanting not to be the one who cheats first and having to write down everyday what I eat, I will keep my sweet/salty/cheat-y tooth in check.

A little background info: been CrossFitting for 19 months. Weighed 245lbs when I began. Mostly did the Zone diet and CrossFitted 4-5 days a week and got down to 189. However in the past few months my diet has seriously slipped (still work out 4-5 days a week) and my weight has gotten back up to 202. At present I am not planning to Zone hardcore (even though it’s principles are pretty deeply embedded in me), not going all-out Paleo (yet) and would like to work in IF eventually. However, for right now, I want to go back to the “basics” of when I started my journey and just focus daily on making good food choices. With that said:

0800 – 2 eggs scrambled with milk; 1 small gala apple

1000 – 17 slices turkey pepperoni, 1 kiwi, handful of almonds

1300 - ~ 3 oz canned tuna, veggie medley of 2 plum tomatoes, 1/3 large English cucumber, and about ¼ red onion tossed with EVOO and balsamic vinaigrette

1545 - ~2 oz canned tuna, handful of almonds

2015 – 5oz ribeye, ~ 1.5 cup green beans, 1 small sweet potato, 1/3 pomegranate, and 3 spoonfuls of almond butter
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