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Default Screwed Up Sleep Cycle - Recommendations for getting back on track?

So, I finished the rough draft of my paper at around 5:09, got showered, and got changed into every day clothes before getting back on my computer. I've decided I'm not going to bed tonight. At the most, I'll get 3 hours of sleep now, which is the equivalent of a long nap, and I always feel shitty as hell after those. So, I figure I may as well stay up, continue working, and reduce the work in my schedule later on, allowing me to not get stressed out.

General case. When you miss a night of sleep (a whole night), what is the best method for getting back on track over the next few days? Obviously, you can't simply sleep double the next day. Sticking a nap somewhere in the middle of the day?

I really have no idea how sleep patterns work; I read "Lights Out!" but it was a long time ago, and I skimmed through most of it. I probably ought to take another look at it again, but if I remember it right, it'll only make me feel guilty. Haha.

Specific case. I have a rough draft of a paper due in a few hours, which the teacher will be reading. The final copy is due Thursday, which the teacher will grade. So, there would be no point in writing a crappy draft for tomorrow when it would just mean a load of work for the next two nights, especially considering that I have a separate 5 page paper due Thursday (ought to be reasonably doable), and a mathematics test on Wednesday. There's no workout planned for today (thank goodness - I would skip it anyway), but there is for Wednesday, and I'd prefer to not skip it, even if I have to go lighter on the weights because of fatigue. Thursday and Friday are also rest days, but on Thursday evening I'm going to Washington DC to see the US Olympic Gymnastics team perform, and Friday, I have work beginning at 5:45AM, going to 11AM, with a class later on that day from 2PM to 3PM. I don't expect to go Trick-or-Treating. Typically, I sleep from 1AM to 9AM, though I do want to shift that back a few hours; it's just difficult. Given this unusually packed schedule, would the recommendations from the general case differ?

I'm still surprisingly awake right now, and while I know that won't last forever, I do attribute a good portion of it to intermittent fasting. I've noticed that it's much easier to "get by" on little sleep when on IF. Even though workouts typically suck, everyday activities seem to be fueled more by how much you eat rather than how much you sleep.
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