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Well, if I didn't have the protein, it'd just be fat, and I don't think I could live off of just fat. Plus, at the low rate of carbohydrate ingestion I'm at, I'm not giving my body enough carbohydrates to refill liver and muscle glycogen via glucose, so it has to convert the protein via gluconeogenesis. As for the amount - when I was eating in more zone-like proportions, I found I simply did not gain weight without ~200g/day protein. It wouldn't happen. Now, I don't know if that will be different under my current macronutrient profile, we shall see.

Although I'm not really planning on keeping my current macronutrient profile. I'm thinking of adding an additional 100g of carbohydrates PWO to speed muscle recovery, to see what that's like. I wouldn't have the extra carbs on rest days.

I've recently tried Kefir and really like it, so I'm planning on learning how to brew my own so I can have a big kefir/fruit smoothie after workouts. Toying with the notion of QOKAD.
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