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Anton Emery
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Default Sources for warm up/cool down material?

Hey All,

I've been teaching Crossfit classes at CF Portland three times a week for a few weeks so far. One of the main challenges is coming up with a variety of warm up and cool down movements. Can anyone reccomend any good sources, written or video, that go into that stuff.

For warm ups i have been sticking with dynamic movements, trying to all major muscle groups moving. Stuff like leg swings, BW squats, kip swings, samson stretch, lizard lunge, inchworms, etc. Also pass thru's, halos, and OH squats with the PVC pipe. I feel i do a good job of warming up the participants, i would just like a bigger pool of things to draw from so people don't get bored and are exposed to new movements. Scott Hagnas has so many good drills and joint mobility routines, and it seems like he is always pulling out something new when i attend his class.

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