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Patrick Yeung
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Yeah, yogurt would be good for a pwo id imagine. I used to make smoothies with it. Freeze cubes of yogurt, then throw em in a blender with frozen bannana and other fruits, then add milk to your consistency. You get it smooth and thick like a milk shake. I wonder if coconut milk would work, itd be way creamier and much higher in fat.

I used to think like you as well Sam. I have a question for ya though.

What are your goals, and are you trying to put on weight or maintain?

I was 135, but doing triathlons not too long ago, and was eating around 75-85g of protein a day and was doin fine. But now im starting to lift, and it wouldnt cut it at all. Im eating id say around 100-150g a day, and im at 155lbs now.

I can send you plenty of links that show you dont need more than .5g/lb, and other showing .7g, 1g or even more. It really depends on your profile and goals. But im working right now...
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