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I'll post up my training for today tomorrow afternoon -- i just wanted to respond

Originally Posted by Chris H Laing View Post
I'll definitely be watching your log because you and I have some similiar goals, like a full rom HSPU, and OAC. Im doing SS right now and as soon as I'm done I'll be starting a hybrid of my own. Mine is a little more gymnastic based though.

Definitely interested to see what kind of training you do for the HSPU and OAC.
I actually got a full ROM HSPU single after completing SS linear progression and doing only about 2 weeks of negatives (and some Jerk work...but I am not sure if that even helped at all...)

The negatives were on a box, not parallettes, and I can't do the HSPU with full ROM on parallettes. I am going to start taking my Parallettes into the gym to do full ROM negatives on parallettes with concentric single and doubles on boxes for the time being.

OAC is going to be a long hard road...but in the short term, just assisted negatives has made me see huge gains in weighted pullups. Since I know you are interested in that goal in particular, I will be sure to be more detailed when I post up about what I am doing exactly.

Full ROM HSPU just came a whole lot easier than I expected, and I am planning on crossing it off my list once I can get a set of 5 down

Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
He's more or less doing what I tell him. Har har.

Oh... hi Chris.
You're a jerk. It's pretty much true, though :P

I can't help it that you always point me in the right direction hah, i would be kind of dumb to ignore advice that always works...
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