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October 28, 2008
*no fast*
BW = 194??? (I don't get it)

1. WU
Eric Cressey Warmup Option 2:
SMR using massage ball thing - thoracic mobility, adductors, quads, IT bands, hip flexors and pecs
lacrosse ball - calves, glutes, infraspinatus, arch roll ~0:15-0:30
warrior lunge kneeling stretch - 0:15L/R
hip external rotator stretch - 0:15L/R
bird dog - 8L/R
x band walk - 10L/R
rocking ankle mobility - 8L/R
scap pushup - 12
wall slide - 12
levator scapula stretch - 0:15L/R
high knee walk - 5L/R
reverse lunge w/ postolateral reach - 5L/R
walking spiderman - 5L/R

2. Strength
1-arm DB push press - 40 x 6L/R, 50 x 6L/R, 60 x 6L/R, 60 x 6L/R
close grip chin up - chest touching bar - 6, 6, 6, 6
(superset with full rest - 1 minute)

pushup - 10, 10, 10
1 arm DB row - 60 x 8L/R, 65 x 8L/R, 65 x 8L/R
(superset with full rest - 0:30)

kneeling cable external rotation - 20 x 12L/R, 30 x 12L/R, 30 x 12L/R
side bridge - 0:30L/R, 0:30 L/R, 0:30L/R
(superset with full rest - 0:15)

KB band curl - red iron woody band - 35# x 8, 45# x 4, 35# x 6, 35# x 3

3. Cardio

Rower@5 - 0:20/0:40 interval - 10 minutes total - 2445m's total (1000m's in 3:57, 2000m's in 8:03)

5 minute walk

-Maximum Strength -phase 1 - upper body day 2
-1- arm DB PP - Didn't hurt and it wasn't heavy but I did feeling a strange clicking feeling every time I'd bring the weight down in both shoulders
-close-grip chin up - The grip was a bit awkward, had to reset my grip on the later sets, I'll add a little weight next week, no arm pain at least
-pushup - Did this as EC describes in the book "pull your chest to the floor" Strange to think about it that way and you do feel it in your upper back
-DB row - I think 65 may have been a bit too heavy as my form deteriorated a little
-kb band curl - 35 was too easy for the first set but then 45 was too heavy
-row -My glutes felt like they were on fire after the first 3 minutes.
-walk - legs felt crampy after the row, just to loosen them up a little
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