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Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
He's more or less doing what I tell him. Har har.

Oh... hi Chris.
Oh... hi steven

And yea steven essentially made my program for me, so you know its quality.

Also a question about when you did SS...did you ever get sick of it?
I'm so tired of just squats (and all the other junk). I missed one day that I should have been going for 185 lbs for squat, and came in today and couldnt even do 175 for all 3 sets. The bar kept slipping down my back the first, the second was ok, and the third was miserable because my form was all over the place. This pissed me off as you can imagine.
My goal is to get up to 225 lbs for the squat, and then I'm quitting SS, but after today I feel like i wanna start the program steven made for me just because I dread going to the gym now. Any thoughts, being someone who made some good progress doing SS?
Steven if you read this feel free to chime in as well, your thoughts are always appreciated
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