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Originally Posted by Chris H Laing View Post
Oh... hi steven
Also a question about when you did SS...did you ever get sick of it?
I'm so tired of just squats (and all the other junk). I missed one day that I should have been going for 185 lbs for squat, and came in today and couldnt even do 175 for all 3 sets. The bar kept slipping down my back the first, the second was ok, and the third was miserable because my form was all over the place. This pissed me off as you can imagine.
My goal is to get up to 225 lbs for the squat, and then I'm quitting SS, but after today I feel like i wanna start the program steven made for me just because I dread going to the gym now. Any thoughts, being someone who made some good progress doing SS?
Steven if you read this feel free to chime in as well, your thoughts are always appreciated
SS is a sickening routine. Why? Cuz its fucking hard.

How long have you been on the program? Your squat numbers still have a ways to go, if you ask me...I haven't seen many people experience a loss of linear progression shy of 290#...unless of course your BW is under which case your Stren-to-Weight would be terrific close to 300.

There were a lot of "setbacks" though in my linear progression -- particularly because I had to teach myself form and fix my form through analyzing my own videos and having people (like Steve...) critique my form via the internet. It is very hard because u know if you have a coach there, it would be fixed in 3 seconds. You need to have a will of steel, imho.

Your form WILL be all over the place if you teach just need to be as on-top-of-it as possible. You will have bad days in the squat rack....if you think it is bad now, just wait until you get to weights 250+....that is when you will see the drawbacks of getting poor sleep and diet...I would miss only an hour or 2 of sleep at that point in the program and my squats would suffer greatly.

I am just concerned with your goal of 225#. Why so low? What is your age, height and weight? Are you female? You should be able to blast right by 225 without a problem if you are a male who weighs more than 120. As I said above, most people I have seen with BW over 150 have soared right up to 300 -- its a short, but difficult, road.

8/28/2008: No fast. Work day.

Burg x2

Rowers rowing..

P. Snatch

Did these very strong. I decided to put explosive work first since what I am doing with HSPU and MU is more strength work as opposed to skill work. I hit my knees on some reps which means I am pulling early, and I still jump forward a bit. Next time I will do higher volume with lower weight (111) and a few heavier sets with 131 as I continue to learn proper form here...

Muscle Ups
Concentrics: 5x1

First few reps still somewhat sloppy... ie legs were flailing around while I fought through the transition. However, on the last few reps I locked my ankles together and started with an L-sit and that made them look and feel a whole lot more solid.

Negatives: 1x3

Wanted to do 2 sets but I still have a bad tear on my wrist which pinches like hell on the eccentric of a muscle up. It causes me to just fall and everything to fail coming down. Hopefully when this heals I can do MUs a bit more cleaning...eccentric and concentric.

3xF-1 (Shooting for 15)

1 - 12
2 - 12
3 - 10

While I didn't improve my overall count, I am seeing improvement on the consistency between reps. Will shoot for 15 again next time...and with the extra days off (since i did dips by accident on Friday...) I am confident I will hit at least one set of 15.

4 Rounds for Time:
250m Row
5 One Handed DB Snatch - 60#


I wanted to do thrusters, but the first thruster was damn near impossible so I decided to just do the interest of time. And I must say, it was fucking difficult. I feel it really helped with my snatch form though, got me used to throwing the weight UP instead of OUT. I switched armed each Round.
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