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Originally Posted by Chris Salvato View Post

How long have you been on the program? Your squat numbers still have a ways to go, if you ask me...I haven't seen many people experience a loss of linear progression shy of 290#...unless of course your BW is under which case your Stren-to-Weight would be terrific close to 300.
I've only been on it for a month, but its already getting boring. Also my bodyweight is under 150, or maybe right at 150 now, which is one reason I started SS.

There were a lot of "setbacks" though in my linear progression -- particularly because I had to teach myself form and fix my form through analyzing my own videos and having people (like Steve...) critique my form via the internet. It is very hard because u know if you have a coach there, it would be fixed in 3 seconds. You need to have a will of steel, imho.
I think I might be experiencing some setbacks then. Maybe the weight is getting heavy enough now that form actually matters.

I am just concerned with your goal of 225#. Why so low? What is your age, height and weight? Are you female? You should be able to blast right by 225 without a problem if you are a male who weighs more than 120. As I said above, most people I have seen with BW over 150 have soared right up to 300 -- its a short, but difficult, road.
Thats not my absolute end all goal, thats just what I want to be at when I switch to the program steven made for me( that and at least a 315 deadlift). The new program still has a good amount of heavy lifting, but also involves a lot of gymnastic strength moves which is what I'm really interested in. And no I'm not a female

I guess I just need to suck it up and stop being a bitch about it. Thanks for the pep talk. It was just what I needed.
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