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Hang Clean + FS + Split Jerk 40kg x 4 x 3

FS: 135 x 5 x 3

Press: 115 x 5 x 3

DL: 116kg x 5 x 1

Weight felt really heavy today even the 40kg. And my form felt kind of off on everything. The DL were pretty damn heavy. I knew that my strength was going to suffer in some areas. Im tweaking it up to be more SS friendly and keeping the combo lifts and probably dumping any un-needed stuff. I still want to work some hypertrophy but it won't be a priority i'll just throw in a exercise here and there. The combo lifts even at such a light weight are very taxing. My form is getting tons better on the lifts though, another coach commened on my form and asked when I was going to compete so that felt pretty good.

I do feel some extra pounds are needed. At least 10. My diet has been slowly reflecting that. I've been stocking up on very carb heavy items and i'll probably see about going GOMAD again but no longer than 5 weeks maybe 8. Hell i'll eat anything and im trying to turn eating into a competition seeing how much more i can eat each time. So it may not be clean but I just want to be a strong mofo right now. I think 160lbs is a good number to shoot for, maybe after that I could look to 170 so long as coach does not object.
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