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10/29/2008: 16.5 Hour Fast.

Work day...

C2 Rower - 2:35 ; 646 m; 42 cal
Burg x 1

Hang Power Clean

Most reps were good but this was a LOT more of a struggle than I had anticipated. I think I stumbled on the PERFECT weight to start this on. I had some reps where I jumped forward a bit, but only a few. Overall it went really well.

Concentric Attempts (Parallettes): 3 Attempts.

2 were half reps then I fell forward towards my stomach away from the wall. The second attempt I actually got it up but with a shit-ton of arching. Overall, this is progress, and I am happy...but need to continue doing negatives.

Negatives (Parallettes): 3x3

Went well, 3 sets at this volume still seems ideal. I speed up substantially on the last set and usually feel like I am "losing it" on the last rep of each set -- but it is still pretty well controlled.

I got the urge to try pistols. A goal deep in my heart that has been hidden for a while was 5 pistols in a row. I did these no problem between sets of negatives...but only with my right since my left still has this shitty tendinitis issue...


Was thinking about a fourth rep...probably COULD have done it...but I dont think risking failure on a lift like the DL is worthwhile. I will continue to progress 10# and go for 3 reps next time, as well...I don't want to push 4 reps yet...I feel it might be smarter to progress in weight with lower weights then regress back and work on higher volumes.

2x3 Negatives without touching down

Wanted to do this for 3 sets but 3 solid OAC Negatives in a row is a LOT more taxing than LOT. I still feel that the lower overall volume was more than made up for with the higher intensity of greater reps per volume...though i did hit failure on one of my 2AC concentrics :P

None - had to get home to make it to the movies.
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