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Default More kcals, more protein, more fat

I'd been intending to do this for awhile, but a particular situation that will not be repeated where I consumed no food whatsoever for 30 hours has prompted the creation of this food log.

What am I doing?
BJJ(apparently needs some more carbs than would be normal for only WL training to supply glycogen to regenerate ATP from ADP as the rounds are a medium length)

The most basic novice program in the Everett book.(Fat and protein for the most part)

Clearly I'm going to need around 150 grams of protein a day(I actually weigh less than 150 but I will aim high and go higher if I gain weight) In the Everett book it is said only animal type protein should be used for the daily protein count.

I'll need lots of saturated fats. To this end I've bought a pound of coconut oil.

I figure as a general rule of thumb I should eat more than seems reasonable - this should put me at a decent kcal level I hope.

I will not be able to measure or even do an ok guess as to the amount and make up of foods I get from the university food court. Their saving grace is, due to the Vegans, they have diverse vegetables. Of course they are not as hot for high quality protein and fat. They do have hummus and whole milk.

Macronutrient profile is for all the servings of the food in question

That being said, this kicks off the food log:


3 cans of tuna = 300kcal 3g fat 0g carb 78g protein

About 3 servings of natural peanut butter = 570kcal 48g fat 21g carb 27g protein
This is difficult to eat straight out of the jar - very sticky

Took one TopCare Century advanced formula multi

Took 8 fish oil caps = 100kcal 10g fat probably something like 1200mg of EPA/DHA(not exactly labeled on bottle )
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