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Originally Posted by Chris H Laing View Post
Haha, whenever I feel like quitting SS before I should, Ima come here, complain to you, and you can tell me to stop crying and go drink my milk

Also, do you bring paralettes to your gym, or does your gym have them?
Hah....thats fine with me man...another good motivational/funny resource is the SS wiki with quotes from Rip:

As far as my gym doesn't have them. My gym is a pretty standard globo gym with 20,000 square feet of machines and a lack of a real good chinup bar. They have only 1 squat rack...but thank god they have a lifting platform and bumper plates...this kind of sets it apart from any other non-crossfit gym I have been to...

Everyone there thinks I am weird or a showoff. I make lots of noise (you kind of have to when you go for big heavy cleans...especially the first time), I bring in Rings and parallettes, I do my chinup bars on the support bars for the basketball hoops since they let me hang fully and are much thicker (better for grip, obviously), I do splits and handstands...even split to HS Press...

Needless to say, i'm quite the attraction for most people there...and they let it show. I guess you need to be the kind of person that this doesn't bother -- or you need to feed off it. Lately i just feel like a rockstar :P
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