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Default Emily's CA WOD/Olympic Lifting/Whatever Log

Started out Olympic lifting, moved on to a Strongman/Oly hybrid in June 2010.

Since September 2010 most of my lifts have been reset as I've been teaching my hamstrings to work and forcing myself to rely on them more has made everything drop.

Initial PRs (10/30/2008)
Back squat: 77
Front squat: 65x2
Jerk: 55
Clean: 48
Snatch: 36
Meet total: 82, 35/47

Current PRs (05/02/2010)
Back squat: 120
Front squat: 103
Clean: 83
Jerk: 85
C&J: 80
Snatch: 65
Meet total: 137, 60/77


DS: Drop snatch
BS: Back squat
FS: Front squat
BTN: behind-the-neck
C&J: clean & jerk (obviously)
OHS: overhead squat
RDLs: Romanian deadlift (usually clean grip, will specify otherwise)
SN: snatch
BK: below-the-knee
HK: from the hang (high-knee)
MSn: Muscle snatch
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