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Default can modify Rip's SS program since you don't really care about can put the Snatch in there instead of benches, I am sure, without much qualm.

On your "rest" days, particularly on the weekends, you can still hit up the gym and do a light Oly day with PVC or empty bar to work on form. The light nature of O-lifting every day will reinforce the form greatly and you can still see massive improvements on the core lifts.

I haven't read the programming section of Greg's I don't know what he recommends for novices -- but Rip's method is pretty much widely accepted as the best way to start out.

With subbing the Snatch for the Bench press, you will have both the fast and slow lifts in the mix. While fast lifts are usually recommended to be done first, I would still squat EVERY DAY first since that is the number 1 lift you will need to get better at to see massive translation into ALL of your lifts.

If you were my client (which you are not...and I'm not a trainer...just an enthusiast) then I would probably put you on SS with Snatch to replace the bench press. MWF would be heavy core lift days, T and R would be technique days with VERY low weight and VERY high volume to maintain motor pathways.

If you feel up to it, especially at the beginning, after your last workout on the strength routine, you can do assistance exercises for your fast lifts.

Just my recommendation -- if anyone else can corroborate or suggest something better, I am sure you and I are both willing to hear it!
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