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Let's get this straight.

You exercised Monday doing PPs and cleans, your back felt "bruised" after that workout, you continued to pile on similar exercises two out of the next three training days following, and you're wondering *why* your back is finally making you stop abusing it (through spasms and tension)?

Perhaps I lifted too much too many times?
Is this a common symptom?
I'd say it is common enough after such abuse/overwork that I'd give it some time to rest and recover before you even consider posterior chain exercises.

I'll be away from exercise for the next 3 days. Anyone know what this means?
It means your body is making your brain finally listen through the symptoms.

Getting it checked out is never a bad idea--especially if this is the first time OR if you have a history of this issue.

After you tell the doctor/physio/chiro/whomever the same story you said above, you'll likely hear some basic treatment options to help the spasm, told to rest it, and maybe even told to avoid lifting for good (depending on the practitioner).

If anything gets worse even though you are resting, then you'll definitely want to get it checked out. If it steadily improves through rest, then it may not be a big deal. Always better to be safe than sorry.

If you have not had a knowledgeable coach watch and approve your OL form, this incident should be a good enough reason to pay for a session (or three) and maybe get their help on some programming.

Oh yes, IMO, you should do the OLs in the manner that they are utilized best--*low reps*--NOT high reps a la CF workouts.
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