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Sorry... yea, this kind of lifting is ALL new to me.

At first I thought my back was just "sore" like from a regular workout. The other days I lifted slightly differently and didn't think it would bother. It's only much after that I'm putting it all together (3 days total). ---Point taken though. I just hope I can get better soon.

The cause:
I joined crossfit to learn the different exercises and have some fun workouts. There is NO other gym in my area where I can learn or employ rubber weight lifting and kettle bells. None.

I'm there to "learn" right? But I swear, cross fit instructors are like drill sargents. The whole focus is on quantity over quality. Reps & time matter so much more than FORM. "Come'on you can lift more than that! Go Go Go"

I've been noticing this attitude more and more after my first 6 weeks. The fact is, this is the "mentality" they are taught by their overlords. I see it all throughout the crossfit community. They even think puking from a workout is funny or meaningful. I tried to bring this up on the crossfit forms and they attack me like it's a perfected lifestyle aka cult. My instructor is 'flawless' as well.

I wish I could find another source to learn from. I mean, all good people, but this attitude is so bone headed... It's a real dilemma I hate the regular gym.
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