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Default new and need some direction getting started

Ive been lurking for a while and finally decided to start an account and join!
I am a 30yr female, looking to lose another 10lbs.
I am a fitness instructor, teach spinning, Bodypump and yoga.
I also am doing the New Rules of lifting for Women.

I stumbled on the concept of IF while on another forum. It was interesting to me but contradicted everything that I have learned about body recomposition.

I like the idea of IF, as eating all the time makes my life too complicated (I have a 1 year old child) and it also provokes my binge eating problems. Not eating seems to be a great solution for me.

Id like to give this a try. So far everything Ive read about IF says its best to do it 2-3 days a week. Here are my questions:

1.) I like an eating window of 1pm-9pm. I am worried about binge eating if I find I am too hungry though. Do I have to count calories to control my portions?

2.) On the non-fast days, will it confuse my body if I eat all day?

3.) What happens if I overeat once in a while? I am pretty suceptible to binge eating during PMS, and since I am slowing my metabolic rate with this type of eating regimen, will the occasional binge eats hurt my fat loss goals?

This concept makes alot of sense to me! however, I just want to make sure I am not screwing up my metabolism, as I have a history of chronic dieting. I also am a victim of information overload, and get confused when I hear conflicting advice from different people.

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