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I notice that I get SEVERE carb cravings around my moon time. I usually want chocolate covered nuts or Doritos or other total junk.

I however, have never had any mood changes or pains. I'm the only one of my parents' four daughters who make this claim. I also find that my pain threshold goes WAY up. Deadlifts always feel best, but I'm actually not as strong during this time.

I defer to those who can speak more scientifically, but one side of my family has terrible issue with women troubles. Endometriosis requiring surgery and PMS that requires medication is routine. I take after the other side where the motto is "Ignore it long enough and it will go away."

I wonder though if it really does come down plain and simply to the genes. I ate the same as my sisters- we all had very nutritious foods growing up and didn't realize it would serve us so well as adults- we were all but one (not me!) very physically active growing up, but I'm the only one who escaped being "cursed."
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