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Originally Posted by Arien Malec View Post
Shouldn't be an either or -- can concentrate on linear progression and work on skill at the same time.
I know that lots of folks are throwing stuff at you, but looking at Greg's book, the beginning template there is as good a start for Oly lifting as anything. Go SS if you just want to get as strong as possible for the slow lifts, but go with Greg's template if you want to get strong for Oly lifting.

For the back squats, concentrate on keeping the back vertical and the chest up (that is, high bar oly squats with a similar movement pattern to front squats), and for the deads, concentrate more on oly form and positioning than massive weight. For both, keep increasing the weight workout to workout, slowly but progressively.

You can throw technique work in before every workout (especially tall snatches and cleans and snatch balances, using the snatch and clean deadlifts as technique work for the first pull) and, for the oly sessions, concentrate on form and technique before weight.
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