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Default New DJ article

great article by DJ

"The problem is this: yes, everything works. But, doing everything at once makes you marginal (at best) at everything." So true.

"It's funny to look at the advice I took (and didn't take) over my career. In 1991, a former world-class lifter told me three things I needed to do:

1. Keep my bodyweight on my heels when I lifted. (Advice I ignored until I discovered this was absolutely correct and it changed my lifting in a second or less.)

2. I should use complexes in training. (Advice I ignored until Alwyn Cosgrove made me start using them and the body fat just fell off me like grease from bacon.)

3. I should do nothing less than tens in the squat. (Advice I ignored. Instead, I did lots and lots and lots of heavy singles, got a big gut, and lost all my snap. Now, I do tens.)"

Great stuff.....and should see some interesting the community...
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