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Originally Posted by Chris H Laing View Post
Probably what I'll do is keep the height the same for the same depth, but then cut the horizontal in half or maybe just a third...something like that
Yeah...i just recommend that you keep a pretty big diameter on the over an inch...otherwise they dig into your hands and make workouts more grueling than they need to be.

10/30/2008 - Rest Day

10/31/2008: Rest Day -- Was supposed to be a work day but being a social creature made that kind of difficult. This program is pretty easy to be flexible with on I pushed the work day off until Saturday.

11/1/2008: Work Day

C2 Rower - 2:36; 650m; 43 Cal
Squat work (listed below)
Burg WU x1

Back Squats (as part of warmup)

My form felt REALLY rusty, but the sets seemed easy. A bit harder than I remember, but still easy to perform. I still feel some minor pain in my R. is not inhibiting, but it is there, and I don't like it I am thinking I need to see an ART Certified Massage Therapist for some trigger point since rest alone just isn't cutting it and it has been about a month since I have avoided weighted flexion...

P. Snatch
111x3x5 (Higher volume sets to work on form with lower weight -- very last rep was a bail though.)
121x1 (To get used to a slightly heavier weight)
133x2x2 (Higher weight, lower volume)

The higher volume was worth it...and I will likely repeat it next week with 121 instead of 111. I feel like I am making progress here but I need to remember to NOT face the mirror. I have gotten used to looking at the mirror during my snatch drop and it makes me self-conscious about catching the bar when I can't see a mirror. I also feel inhibited by my if my injuries don't want a backwards bail so I always jump/bail forward. Just going to take some work...

Muscle Ups
Concentrics w/Eccentrics: 3x2

These felt absolutely great. Just holding the rings now, I feel a lot stronger. It is as if my wrists are nice and comfortable where they are in false grip and my negatives are very controlled and not nearly as painful as they used to be...actually, they aren't painful at all! My legs also don't flail around anymore during the transition as I consciously hold an L-sit. My last set I know I was still getting good work from these since my eccentrics sped up significantly. I originally planned on doing negatives, but I don't need them anymore!

143x3x3 (~88% of max)

Last set was definitely a 3RM. Going to increase by 5# next week to see if I can operate for 3x3 at 90% of max and get the same results. I think this was the right weight to go to for the press

Inverted Fran
95# BB Thrusters


OK, I meant to do Fran but I accidentally did the pullups first...doh. At any rate, the last time I did Fran was about a year ago and I didn't keep a strict log at that time. At that time, I think my best time was around 9 minutes...But I was metconning a lot more. That, plus maxing out on the Press and doing MU work probably didn't help things.

Overall, I am a little disappointed with my time...I expected strength work to carry over a bit more but it appears I need to work on my endurance a bit more. Oh wells, thats why I am doing these WODS!
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