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Last night was round 4 of the squat workout. As planned, I added the third round to keep the progression moving. This time, I added round three to everything: squats, T-push ups, step ups, rows to the neck, and the Swiss ball crap.

Results: I felt like this is the workout that kicked my arse. I was close to worthless after three rounds of 20 squats with 95# on the bar. It really has me wondering if I'm losing strength as I struggled through the second and third sets. The push ups were OK; the step ups seemed fine; the rows sucked. It's the squats that killed me. That and the freaking Swiss ball moves. I finished with some rack pulls. Worked up to 305# for 3. I'm going to add in some partials like this at the end of each workout just to get some strength training in.

Tomorrow is deadlift day and weigh in day.
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