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Default Grip and Forearm increases?

I've been doing the PM WOD since 18 August 2008 and am loving it. I am getting better with the O Lifts and stronger, but not where i want to be. So the other night i was putting on a watch and noticed that i had moved up a hole to fit properly. The gym owner where i train commented on my forearms and extensor/ flexor development. All i have been doing is the WOD, with some additional calf work. But i have noticed an increase in grip strength and forearm development. Is this caused by the constant load on all the exercises finally showing in some much needed development in some weaker areas? I also notice less fatigue while doing pullups and chins. Again, is this an indirect benefit of all the pulls and chins? Also, do tendons and ligaments grow similarly to muscles, or do they just "get thicker"? Either way, it is a very cool side benefit from all the great programming that is put in here (Thanks Coach!).

Now, when do skinny calves start growing from the box jumps?
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