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Originally Posted by Jonathan Dunn View Post
I've been doing the PM WOD since 18 August 2008 and am loving it. I am getting better with the O Lifts and stronger, but not where i want to be.
The weak areas are shoring up first. These (forearms/grip) have to be up to speed to improve at the lifts and get stronger.

So the other night i was putting on a watch and noticed that i had moved up a hole to fit properly.
Weird. Do you wear your watch on your forearm or have your wrists actually grown?

Now, when do skinny calves start growing from the box jumps?
Not necessary. If you're snatching and cleaning properly, you're doing weighted jumps in the proper set/rep range. Excessive box jumps will be counterproductive, if anything.

Congrats on your progress.
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