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Default different cycling


i was just wondering about the different cycling approches you guys use when getting leanest possible. My goal is to loose as much fat as possible, i dont mind loosing some muscle also, but of course if i can hold on to everything thats great. But main goal is loose body fat. And not gain any muscle or weight.
Im around 12% bodyfat now and i want to get down to 6-8%.

Im doing IF as you guys now and have no problem with it. I only eat one "big" meal a day. Its not that big but its ok. I think i eat around 1400-1500 calories a day now. I know its low but ive been doing this the last two-three weeks and hopefully it will work out. My macro split is 80-100g protein, around 80g fat and no or >30g carb.
Its kind of a low calorie AD diet. Because on saturdays i eat what ever i want. Or not whatever but food containing of mostly carb and some fat, no protein. But i think i may go overboard sometimes i just love bread, and bakery products. But after reading Joe`s thread i think maybe this isnt the way to go

So as i was saying, what methods do you guys use? High protein days? high carb/high protein low fat day? high carb, mod fat low protein? etc. And how often is your cycle? every third day? or the AD way etc.
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