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If your only goal is to get down to a really low body fat percentage, then your best bet is to read the articles and forums on T-Nation. I am not being flippant--the dudes over there make getting swole their life.

I think on these forums you'll find a lot of people who are doing Paleo, IF, whatever, but it's with the idea of simply being healthier, increasing their performance, and losing some body fat. But super leanness, even at the expense of muscle is not going to be a specialty here.

That said, I've heard of various measures of success from cyclical ketogenic diets, and if you want to be extreme the Velocity Diet is always an option. And I read somewhere on here (I think from Dan John) that incorporating long, slow cardio while fasted in the morning is supposed to help, for example an hour long walk in addition to your regular training program. But again, I am really not sure of all of these details. Following the Zone is also pretty successful at stripping fat, but that's because it's low-calorie and relatively low-carb and you're already doing something like that.
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