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Originally Posted by Sam Lepore View Post
Sticking with Digestive Enzymes, CLO/Fish Oil and Probiotics.
Was wondering what exactly you've noticed with digestive enzymes and probiotics? I've done both and haven't noticed a difference. I already get probiotics in my food (I make salad dressing by blending kimchee and olive oil) so maybe that's why I haven't noticed a difference from probiotic pills... but the pills are supposed to be super potent.

As far as enzymes, I've read that it's really hard to know which ones to take and has to be tailored to the individual and there's all kinds of special tests you have to take. My Enzaid 2 (proprietary blend for my metabolic type) hasn't made any difference at all.

I've taken herbal bitters to stimulate appetite and digestion (increase gastric juice and saliva flow...and saliva has the enzyme amylase which helps you digest starches, etc.) but didn't notice much of an effect off that either. The only thing that's helped me with digestion (other than giving up soy and wheat and rancid oils) has been chewing slower--which I've noticed a tangible difference from.

Anyway, not trying to diss them, just wondering what effects you've gotten from the two. (I'm already 110% sold on CLO).
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