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Jonathan Dunn
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Kevin- I'm all about some adaptive stress. That which does not kill me.....

Derek - Thanks! It is cool to see (both myself and others) the changes taking place. My traps are growing too, but I expected that, after reading through so many forums. It is neat to actually see growth when not specifically trying to add mass. I'm quit content with my BW (198# @ 6'2"). Maybe my body composition is changing some?

Gant - Thanks to you as well! Both my wrists and forearms have had increases in girth (not much, but enough to go up a notch with my watch). I've noticed most growth in the thin muscle running laterally from elbow to wrist on the outside of the forearm. Also, a small muscle on the back of my hand running down into my wrist is growing. I believe this is a result of my hand position while snatching, i.e. hand moving from a flexed position in the pulls to an extended position overhead. Regarding the calves...they are developed, just thin. Again, I'm not after increasing my BW, but a little more meat back there would be nice. My wife has OUTSTANDING calves, and she doesn't lift, run, exercise, wear high heels...nothing. But they are phenomenal. Her brothers calves are huge as well.

Steven - thanks for the info on tendons and ligaments. I think you nailed my forearm growth possibly coming from less than stellar technique. I have only been practicing the O lifts for 3 months, and while I'm getting better, I still have a long way to go. I think I bend my arms too early as the weights increase. But it is so much FUN! I love this stuff.

Thanks guys for all the input and suggestions. I really do appreciate any and all advice!
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