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About time to go to sleep, never felt hungry at all during the awake portion of the fast. It surprised me a lot since I usually get hungry after a workout, alas my workout wasn't a normal load but I still didn't have any hunger afterwards.

I don't know if this is good or not, but I might be plagued by a slight cold which is why my appetite isn't as it was, or I might be getting rid of all that non-paleo food I had to eat in the last 7 days. Either way I gained 6 pounds in 7 days, and I want to deload that as quickly and hopefully painlessly as possible.

I plan on keeping this schedule of fasting for 1 month and see how it works, if I'm losing energy at all or not losing the fat then I will cut it to 1 fast a week.

I believe in the fasting methods, but if I lose energy then I will tone it down or scrap it altogether, energy is my biggest concern. I can't train unless I'm physically there, as my mind is prepared as well. If I feel fatigued my mind is not 100% focused, therefore hindering my performance while training, and ultimately could affect my performance during the real thing.

I know my mind is lagging behind my physical aspect at this time, and have realized it when I hurt my hand. I got through the first month without much effort, but this next few months are going to be hard, mostly because I love doing new and different stuff in training but without the use of one hand in a lot of motions I'm bound to certain exercises. Also, it hurts my ability to train specific to ice climbing since you need full functioning of your hand to accomplish that.

Meditation in the morning will probably come along in the next week or so to ease my mind some, it will also help me concentrate better in class and during training sessions. I just need to read these books I received when I was gone. Otherwise I will probably feel like I'm wasting 30 minutes of my life haha
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