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11/4/2008: No Fast. Work day.

C2 Rowing - Light - 2:36; 618m; 38 cal
Burg WU

P. Snatch

Everything went really well. Next time, 5x3 at 133.

Muscle Ups
Concentrics: 3x2 + 1 + F

Tried to do 3x3 but couldn't do a third consecutive rep even on my first set. Then I tried to do 4x2 but I failed on the second rep of the third set. Going to chalk it up to a bad day. Next time I will be try 3x3 again.

Front Squat

A bit of a forward lean but this was the first time I ever did FS. I think it went fairly well...but I can focus on keeping a superman chest and upright torso a bit more. Deep squatting causes forward lean a bit -- need to focus on fixing my glute inactivation problems :P

4 Rounds for time:
10 Double Unders
97' Sprint x2 (One side of the basketbal court to the other and back)
10 Pull ups


Probably can do sets of 20 Double Unders from now on...after first set, I could do 10 in a row easy, even after sprinting.

Reverse Hypers - +40x3x8...after all that other work, this was difficult...


About 3 hours after my workout, I did some supinated leg raises (3x8 - each leg and then both at the same time) to work on my glute activation. Also, I have been squeezing my glutes sporadically during the day going for glute tension holds to work on glute activation...
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