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Originally Posted by joe waguespack View Post
Just from my personal experience, the whole AD thing really has screwed with my metabolism. Prior to giving it a try I was basically doing a 19 hour fast/ 5 hour feed IF, with Paleo food choices and Zone block ratios 15-18 blocks. THat was the leanest I ever was and the best I ever felt and it seemed that I could quickly make changes in my physique by simply altering my training and not having to make dietary changes. Since coming off the AD and going back to doing what I was doing before I have had a lot of stomach problems, I generally feel like crap and I have added a good bit of bodyfat.

I think the best plan is the one you can stick with, for me the AD was not something I could have seen myself live with for to long. Anytime a nutrition plan is to extreme ( no carb, no fat, high protein.......) I think it has it's downfalls and problems. Eating plenty of healthy fruits and veggies along with good protein sources and healthy fats is definitely the way to go, you will feel good and also you will have the comfort of knowing that you are feeding your body what it needs to stay healthy and strong.

A few other things,You always want to keep or gain muscle, losing muscle will stall your fatloss efforts, when dieting you still need to lift heavy to make sure your body knows to hold on to that muscle tissue. Also, unless you are 120lbs, 1400-1500 calories is nowhere near enough calories for you to be eating. A good place to start is 12 x bodyweight. and that is even a little low. I think starting off with the Zone/Paleo is a great place to start for fat loss. It will help you learn what and how much of what you need to eat. Try that for a few weeks and see how you respond and add in a few fasts as you see fit.
Ive never tried the Zone type so the block thing doesnt ring a bell but i will deep into it. As for calories im around x10 now. But i have a eating day a week wich will add that up i guess

But as my question was, nobody here really cycle between low fat and high fat? ist just the same all the time?
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