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Default Post exercise meal + IF + daily training

Question: What is downside, if any, of not eating after morning exercise ?

Background: I enjoy training each day that I get myself to: Make the time, assert the discipline and feel the energy to do so.


Lots of KB swings, varying weights/sets/reps
Interval stuff on C2 or airdyne
Body weight stuff like assisted pullups, pushups, dips, burpees

About 20-40 minutes, varying intensity about the "moderate discomfort" level, or all out, but only for short bursts.

I train as early as I can, then do a Fast-5 IF and don't eat until before 2 or 3 p.m.

Goals are overall health & wellness, general fitness, fat loss while (ideally) realizing some strength gains, but at the least, not losing strength, while improving conditioning and "overall zest for life" :- )

FWIW, 48 y.o. male, desk job.

Your comments are greatly appreciated !

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