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Emily Mattes
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Dynamic stretching
Diesel Crew shoulder rehab - Day 2
Oly lifting
Did some warm up work with the bar, broomstick, and warmed up to a 60 FS

FS - 1@68 (PR, with definitely more in the tank!)

Rack Jerk

Metcon - Don't have a watch, but rowed a total of 1283 for 5:15
3 rounds
200m row
10 jumping pull-ups

2 min rest

2 rounds
300m row
10 22.5'' box jumps

I have been having the most ridiculous meat cravings. About an hour after my workout yesterday I was caught between wanting to sleep and wanting to eat a cow. If they only offered beef via IV!


Sweet Christmas. I did this workout this morning and as of about 5:00pm I feel like crap. Tired, everything is achy, energy levels suck. I don't think I should be surprised. This is the first time I have attempted a heavy lifting program like this, I'm on the fourth week of a strength cycle, and I haven't been eating or sleeping in a way to support the massive training increase. Something I'll have to keep in mind for the future.
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