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**************DAY 1 OF PM MASS PROGRAM*************
warm up= 1k row and shoulder work with band.

FRONT SQUAT- Prescribed as 60% of clean. My clean is weak, 155. so that means I'm only supposed to front squat 95 lbs. That felt like a warm-up set, so I increased percentage to 70% which put me at 105 lbs.

STANDING PRESS-Prescribed as 60% of press. My 1RM press is 125, so that put me at 75 lbs. That felt light to but I went ahead and used that weight for all 6x6. Should I be struggling in the last set of the 6x6. I know I'm new to lifting but shouldn't I be lifting heavier if I wanna grow??

WEIGHTED CHINS-Prescribed as 60% of my 1RM weighted pull-up. My 1RM is 55, so that put me at 33 lbs. I can barely do 3, let alone 6x6. Decreased by 1/2 to 15 lbs and was able to kip the last set and finish. That percentage didn't seem to translate well to the chins.

ABS/BACK- Did hanging leg raises 12,12,12,9 and good mornings with 45lb plate 15,15,15,15. I need a GHD...
"The Iron is the best antidepressant I have ever found. There is no better way to fight weakness than with strength. Once the mind and body have been awakened to their true potential, it's impossible to turn back."
-Henry Rollins
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